30 Years of experience in business management, physical risk and insurance management strategies

Insurance Agent in Santa Ana, CA

I am in the insurance industry because I want to make the process easier for individuals and companies. With 30 years of experience in Santa Ana, CA and the surrounding areas, I have found one-on-one explanation has helped people digest the myriad of questions revolving around the insurance industry and buying process.

My integrity is my strongest suit, honesty, trust and personal service are my assets. I have worked for a number of companies over the years as a risk manager saving thousands of dollars through various types of insurance, loss control and the loss financing processes. I am able to do this because of a strong knowledge base in business management, physical risk and insurance management strategies, while educating the decision makers and then facilitating the implementation by using quality people.

It is much easier to deliver the type of service one expects, when you start with the right people. Striving to provide my best, coupled with the best support facilities, makes it possible for my clients to realize great coverage, service and significant savings.
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Personal Insurance

Personal insurance can protect you and your family in the event of unexpected or unplanned circumstances. Unfortunately, many people don’t have adequate insurance, and when disaster or peril strikes, they are without coverage and the necessary financial resources. Having the proper coverage for your particular situation and lifestyle can make all the difference and give you the assurance that help will be available when you need it.

Business Insurance

Regardless if you're a startup company or one with a long history, there are many risks in operating a business you may not be fully aware of. You don’t know what the future holds, so the best way to protect your financial security and guarantee that your company will be able to continue operating through unforeseen events, is to ensure that you are protected for almost every possible risk.

Health/Medical Insurance

As medical care and treatments advance, health care costs increase. The purpose of health insurance is to help you pay for care. It protects you and your family financially in the event of an unexpected illness or injury that can be expensive. In addition, you're more likely to get routine and preventive care if you have health insurance. Research shows that people with health insurance are more likely to have a regular doctor and to get care when they need it.